Despite there being much debate on the rise of the robot and the threat of a jobless future, one category of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) d2e is assisting clients with, is the use of expert tool automation. With an impressive array of RPA tools on the market that leverage a virtual workforce, a segment of tools that puts the power of RPA into the hands of in-house SMEs is gaining traction. These tools remove the dependence on the myriad of excel spreadsheets, access databases and macros. Instead, efficiency, quality and by ‘taking the robot out of the person’.

d2e can assist with:

  • Strategy Develoment: ensuring that RPA is incorporated into your business strategy and aligned to the operating model, IT, operations and risk.
  • Opportunity Assessment: Looking at more than simple cost reduction. Understanding how RPA can benefit customer experience, revenue growth, operational risk mitigation and operational agility.
  • Tool Selection: Ensuring the choice of tool is fit for purpose and aligned to th stratgy and benefits case.
  • Deployment: Proof of concept through to production readiness using agile methodologies and incentive based contracts.

Read how d2e assisted a Global Bank with its RPA project.

"Since d2e came and took on this project they have brought it on track and have delivered. Iím very happy with the results and progress achieved"

Senior Banking Executive