Managing Complex Programs

Many companies have clear objectives and bold strategies, but the winners are distinguished by their ability to manage risk and put strategy into action.  Often this involves complex projects or change programs needing focused leadership and careful coordination.

Specialist help can add real value by ensuring a difficult program is set up to succeed from the outset, then kept on track.  This needs to span both the hard (scope, tasks, risks, resources) and soft (culture, behaviour) elements of the program. We can help improve program delivery via a number of roles ranging from independent health-checks, program office services to project directorship.

Our track record includes project rescue for a $5B defence program, managing the introduction of a new commodity market structure, and  implementing risk management processes at a major financial institution.



"I have worked with other consultants, but seldom have I seen a combination of such clear insight and pragmatism as I find with d2e."

Australian Utility CEO